What Makes Men Jealous and Insecure?

Finding a beautiful and sexy girl that you have always dreamt about is wonderful. You can look down at every man that is envious of your catch. You are filled with pride and you hold her protectively and cast known glances around, sending a message of "stay away..she is mine." You enjoy the attention for a few days and find it all blissful.

Once those initial days have passed, the beginnings of jealousy and insecurity start creeping in. Next begin the calls you make to check where she is and start suspecting even if she says she is out with her friends. You begin having images of her being with someone else. You start hating it when she talks or even mentions any of her previous flings or loves.

This is a common feeling that many men go through. Their insecurity turns into over-protectiveness and the much evident jealousy. This is when men start showing extra attention on their woman, buying her flowers, gifts, taking her to exotic locations on holidays and expensive dinners. This need to have the upper hand over other men is something men suffer from. Slowly the possessiveness becomes evident and starts stifling her. She has no freedom to be with her friends and she can not go out with anyone and she can not even talk to a man without the man getting all edgy about it.

Why does this happen so frequently with most men? This could happen because of past experiences with relationships going bad and where there were issues of loyalty. Men want to make sure that they do not go through all that and relive their past again.

There is another reason men suffer from these insecurities. It has something to do with the size of their penis. Many men lack confidence where their male member is concerned and feel that it is not big enough. They have this feeling that their partner would like a bigger one and may get attracted to someone who might have a bigger penis. They feel they are not able to satisfy their partner completely. This is what leads to a sense of insecurity and lack of confidence.

Men also feel envious towards other men with more money and resources than themselves. They believe that women get attracted to men with more money and who can give them all the expensive material things. This false notion makes men buy expensive gifts to woo their women.

The fact of the matter is that it is not only the women that crave for attention; men also need to be liked by the women. They like the attention their women give them as this helps boost their self esteem. This helps them feel important and more confident.

In spite of all these feelings of wanting to be needed, it is important to keep jealousy and insecurity at bay. You can go about it by being well-groomed and being physically active. You should try and build up your confidence levels by doing things that are not related to your woman. These insecurities often crop up because of other factors such as not being confident enough in life.

Leading an active and satisfied life will give you an edge over other men and you will start feeling confident when compared to them. This has to be done to ensure your relationships are nurtured and not ruined with wrong judgments. Respecting a woman is very important and giving her the required space will keep the relationship healthy.

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