What to Do When the Girl Just Wants to Be Friends? Here is Something Every Man Must Know!

It’s a place no guy wants to be in…Not only can it be extremely depressing but often embarrassing as well. You see when the girl just wants to be friends she is more or less telling you that you have not amused her to the extent where she can consider you as a potential mate or you are just not the kind she would think about dating. You see this is a situation no guy ever wants to be in but at the same time you must know how to get out of it as soon as possible before it becomes permanent. Read on to discover some of the most important facts you must know on this subject before it’s too late for you…

Stop acting like a friend slowly- If she just wants to be friends you should stop acting like friends after a while. You see when you keep doing what she expects from you…you would remain in this deadly friend’s zone. This is the main reason why instead of being stuck here you should start cutting out contact with her slowly instead of hanging around her like a friend.

Become a challenge- One of the major reasons why a lot of people end up in this friends zone is simply due to the fact that they are just too easy to get for the girl due to which she does not feel any sense of real attraction towards you. Therefore instead of being easily available you should rather start playing too hard to get.

Don’t be too much of a nice guy- Don’t be the guy who always comes to her rescue when she is in some sort of a problem. You see this is where most guys end up falling in the friends zone .They feel that by helping the girl when she needs it the most would make them something special but the fact is that she would only consider you to be one of those nice guys and would only keep you around as a friend.

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