What to Say When Talking Dirty

Do you know what to say when talking dirty becomes easy and almost second nature? You've gone through one dirty talk scenario after another, but nothing seems to get him going like it did the first time you whispered those naughty nothings into his ear. What can you do to spice up a relationship that is already rampant with dirty talk and naughty words?

Well … how about giving him different words?

Men think they know what to expect when it comes to dirty talk. They think they might have heard it all, and depending on how creative you have been, that might be the truth! If you're a seasoned dirty talk pro, you are probably frustrated when you reach that point of having said it all already.

You can spice up your dirty talk by introducing toys into your sex play, going the food route and raiding the refrigerator during one of those hot lovemaking sessions, or role playing with any scenario you can imagine. But your lover might expect all of those to come about at some point. How do you surprise him with the one dirty talk trick he will never expect?

That's easy: Talk to him in a language he does not understand!

It will take some time and careful planning on your part, because you want to surprise your lover with a newfound knowledge of a foreign language. Get a few foreign language lesson tapes and listen to them when he's not around. Teach yourself how to say phrases that are not necessarily dirty, but are suggestive, such as "Are you going to eat that?" or "What do you want?" Practice them until you can say them perfectly, then practice saying them with that purr and pout!

The next time you're in bed with your lover and he asks you to talk dirty to him, look him in the eye and say something in your newly acquired language. When he stares at you in shock, or even laughs at you as he asks what you are doing, keep it up. The sultry tone of your voice is what will really trip his trigger! He does not know what you're saying, so he's going to have to go on instinct.

Suddenly your man has a sultry vixen in bed and he does not know her as well as he thought! That's a turn-on for any guy who loves a little adventure. Knowing what to say when talking dirty is just one of the many dirty talk tips that will spice up your sex life – no matter how much of a dirty talk pro you already are!

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