Why Does a Man Get Nervous Around a Girl He Likes? Major Reasons Why Such a Thing Always Happens

A man may be confident but when it comes to a girl that he likes, he may suddenly become fidgety and nervous. Why does this thing happen? Here are some reasons why men act stupid and nervous around the girl he likes:

He’s afraid that he could not impress the girl.

A guy who is in love would always want to put his best foot forward and show off all his strengths and good sides. He may act nervous around his crush thinking that he may not be good enough for her.

He’s hesitant that she might not like him.

The guy still has a lot of things to know about a girl on the getting-to-know-stage. He is still unsure what things she has interest on or what things she likes doing. He might become too shy or fidgety if he does not know many things about the girl.

He thinks he would look stupid in front of the girl.

Sometimes it’s all about what the girl might do to him when he finally gets the courage to approach her. What if she says something to embarrass him in front of her girl friends? Or what if he clams up and everyone laughs at him?

He becomes too conscious.

And when he becomes too mindful of what he’d say next or what he’d do when she finally talks to him, then he’s bound to get nervous. Anything that’s planned or too scripted won’t work unless you’re planning to audition for a part on a stage play, but with real-life drama, everything’s done impromptu.

If he doesn’t know the girl…

If a man hasn’t the slightest idea about the girl he has his eyes on, then he might get nervous around her. He may think twice whether he should pursue her or if everything’s going to be worth it in the end.

He is afraid to commit a mistake.

He might have seen a lot of breakups and divorce in all his life that he’s afraid to even venture. To him, a relationship is 99% chance and 1% chemistry.

He does not know how to act in front of a girl.

Sometimes a guy is ambivalent about his feelings for the girl and oftentimes confused about how to act in front of her. Or it could simply be because he hasn’t approached a female specie before and now he’s clueless on what to do.

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