Why Going Down on a Woman First is the Key to Better Sex!

You know, in the past and growing up through adolescence and young adulthood, I had thought of myself as a pretty decent lover. I sure didn’t get many complaints and I know I was always left feeling pretty good and satisfied when it was all over.

If anything, I guess I thought that my partners could have been better because I just didn’t think they got into it as much as I did!

Looking back now, I can’t believe how selfish I was and what little idea I had about what was really going on!

It was not until I met one of my girlfriends (who is now my wife!) that I had an attitude change. All I wanted to do was make sure she felt total and absolute pleasure and enjoyed the ultimate in sexual satisfaction each and every time we made love.

Unfortunately I realised that I just wasn’t giving her this so I made the decision to learn as much as I could about what she liked and wanted in bed.

Along the way I read everything I could find on tips and tricks that would make me a better lover and I then put all these methods into practice. Things certainly got better but it was not until I stumbled across this one quote that truly changed the way I looked at pleasuring women.

This magic quote was – “Never, ever penetrate your woman and start intercourse until she has had her first orgasm. Do the ground work then reap the rewards later!”

This was a major change for me! To be honest, before understanding this quote, I used to be part of the “You have to give head to get head.” crowd. I would go down on my lady, mess around a little bit for what I thought was a token amount of time and then go straight for the sex. Not surprisingly, the sex was often good but never great and I never truly thought I had satisfied my girlfriend. Bringing her to orgasm was extremely hard if not near impossible. You would be surprised to know how many men (myself included at the time) don’t know that performing oral sex on women is actually the best way and for some women, the only way, to give them an orgasm.

This little magic line I read was so simple and yet it is so true and by following this great advice I have consistently pleasured my women more deeply and also as a result never had such great sex!

Why is it so important I hear you ask?

It comes down to millions of years of evolution and the different ways that men and women are wired. When it comes to having sex and ultimately, reaching orgasm, women need many factors to be just right. Men of course, just need a place!

The simple thing is that if you didn’t know already – women are very complex creatures (really?!) One of the critical actions that gets a woman ready for better sex is the feelings she gets and the endorphins and emotional release that is triggered after a clitoral stimulated orgasm. This whole process of going down on a woman, ending in her first orgasm gets a woman’s body physically ready for sex and believe me the result is a much more spectacular lovemaking session appreciated by the both of you!

There is also no pressure on you to give your lady the “big O” during intercourse because she has already had one! This release of ‘performance pressure’ combined with her already more relaxed state of mind and body will actually lead to a better sexual experience and lends itself to the chance of your lady having multiple orgasms!

So then, if you want better sex and really want to pleasure your woman in bed, follow this number one of orgasm tips!

You had better get on down there and do the groundwork first, each and every time you make love! If you are currently not going down on your lady at all then you have a big change to make and also a big opportunity to rock your lovers world! If you are already spending a bit of time down in the nether regions but coming up for air early, then put your head back down and keep going til your lady reaches that orgasm! I promise you will reap the benefits in the end!

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