Why I Say That Online Dating Sites Users Are Social

It was widely believed that most members of online dating sites are ant-social, stressed, losers and desperate people looking for comfort online. But no proof has been found to support this kind of argument. In fact, many surveys conducted show that actually it is completely opposite. This could have been true some few years back when online dating sites were still young. This is just but a MYTH!. Lifestyle changes and demands of modern life have made it a cheaper and less time consuming option. Modern technologies have made human beings so mobile and the time to sit down and share with those who know you is scarce or is not there.

Online dating sites members are very social off line and very confident. This is an interesting finding about online dates. They are members of at least one organization, often visit family members and engage in social and leisure activities like anybody else. This is a unique finding no doubts. Showing how confident they are to engage in more and more social encounters, gaining experience on social matters. A user looking for a serious relationship may end up getting exactly what he wants.

It is an interesting fact to learn that most members of online dating sites are members of an organized social gathering like a church and or social club. Studies have shown surprisingly enough a high percentage of online dates go out for leisure and happy moments with their friends more often.

Many people use online dating sites mainly to find dates and establish long-term relationships. Others are out there hunting for sexual partners. There still exists a group that want to chat and flirt. Users who are above the age of 30 are most likely looking for marriage partners and therefore they will be more serious. Another characteristic of online dates is that funny enough they are learned and earning handsomely. Members of online dating services cut across the social class. It does not matter the skin color or the tongue its universal.

Young men and women are more likely to use online dating sites to flirt or chat. While the above thirty will either be looking for a sexual partner or a serious for marriage. The married and living common law go for online dating without any intention of marriage, they want to flirt or look for sex. On the other hand widowed and divorced tend to take online dating site services on a different perspective, for long term relationships and marriages.

Online dating sites members between the age ranging between 18-25 most likely have no intentions to meet up face to face they are just having a sweet time. While people above 30 years onwards could have intention of going for sexual partners, marriage partners and or long-term relationships.

Online dating sitse sites are either free or are on subscription bases. Depending on individual they chose where to join. Mostly serious people looking for life partners will go the paid dating sites. More serious and honest dates can only be found here. The invasion by scanners is limited which is very common in the sites offering free online dating sites.

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