Why is Making Up So Hard to Do? The Reasons Are Very Simple

Making up is hard to do usually because people are so afraid to put themselves on the line emotionally to be hurt again. Many times people come into relationships with high hopes, when their hopes get crushed they do not want to risk this happening to them again with the same person.

So the thought of making up with a person becomes very difficult, because this will require you to put yourself on the line all over again. But there are simple things you can do in order to make making up easier, in this article I'm going to discuss two things you can do that will make making up not so hard to do.

You need to ask the other person what they are willing to do to make things better this time around.

Sometimes making up is only easy if you or the other person is willing to do certain things to improve the relationship. If both of you come into it with stubborn attitude that nothing will change and the relationship will slowly resolve all over again. Both of you must be willing to make changes which will make the other person more comfortable in the relationship.

Do not think of this as compromising yourself, your goal is to patch up the relationship and extremely heal it. Every relationship goes through some sort of turbulence, and once you've gone through this turbulence hopefully your relationship can be stronger than it was before.

After you have talked about what you can do to make things better, think about going to therapy or some kind of counseling together.

So many people have stigmas as it concerns therapy or counseling, but it is really an excellent way to communicate with each other. The reason why so many couples go to counseling is because they have a hard time talking to each other about these things. Being able to have a third-party person to force you into talking to each other is sometimes the only way.

After you have made up with someone considering going to counseling just to make sure everything is clear. I understand this will not be an option for everyone, but it is definitely a choice to consider for those who are serious. Hopefully after you have made up and attended some sort of counseling, then you'll be able to communicate with each other without the help of a third party.

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