Will Crying Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back?

So you’ve just split up with your girlfriend – her decision, obviously. And you think to yourself,”If I could just get in front of her right now and show her my emotions, show her how I feel… I could get her back. I know – I’ll cry in front of her! She’ll love that stuff! After all, she’s a woman!

It may not – in fact it definitely won’t. Crying in the vicinity of your now EX girlfriend is only going to make her realise what a good decision it was to release you back into the wild. Showing your feelings will simply push her away instead of drawing her towards you, which is what you want to do.

So how do you handle this? (You mean I have OPTIONS?)

The fantastic news is that there is a strategy to win back the woman in your life (THANK GOODNESS). It’s even quite simple… Not EASY but it’s simple. You have to follow the steps in the right order and early on you’re going to feel pretty ‘down’ from the heartbreak. But hey, you’re used to that, aren’t you? (I was!)

A wise person once said “LOGIC will never change an emotion- only ACTION will.” I don’t know whether this particular dude had been dumped or not but he was certainly on to something.

You may think it a good idea to reason with your Ex and use logic to win her back. After all, Mister Spock would do it. This doesn’t work. Leonard Nimoy wouldn’t do it. You might be better off crying in front of her (that was NOT PERMISSION). Sorry to all you mathematicians and statisticians out there.

The only way to win her back is the same way you got her in the first place. From eBay. (KIDDING) By attracting her back to you. And you CAN do it. I did… and I’m nothing special (kidding).

People aren’t that different. Our brains all work the same way. Does that mean you can be a billionaire like Donald Trump? Actually – it kind of does. If you had the same thoughts as Donald Trump – in the same ORDER as him -you would be him… and you would probably be very wealthy. Unfortunately he keeps his thoughts to himself so I haven’t been able to tap into that particular goldmine yet.

So…How do we get started?

You leave your ex alone for a while. What does this do? Trust me – this gets the ball rolling. All sorts of thoughts fill their heads – “He’s quiet… Why isn’t he contacting me? Why isn’t he constantly texting me?”, “What is he up to?”, “Has he moved on? That was quick!”, “Oh God! What if he’s with Susan – she’s GORGEOUS!”

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